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There is the Italy of dreams, of Baroque and Renaissance cities, saturated with architectural beauty, frescoes and painting collections. There is in counterpoint, that other Italy, where you dawdle the length of the Ligurie beaches or on  the Adriatic coast, in winter or just at the end of the season, when the public places no longer resound to the cries of children, the laughter of young people from the café terraces or Vespa horns. I like this abandonment of places, when silence prevails over agitation, and the vide that gives them a  strangely poetic envelopment, makes me think of Michelangelo Antonioni's films. They are like ghost towns which can be experienced  with nostalgia for the happy times whilst waiting for the next season. These places, as if abandoned by a population fleeing the announce of an imminent catastrophe, put time on hold, it is in this condition that they appeal to me.

Alassio, Albenga, San Remo, Cipressa, Arma di Taggia, Finale Ligure

Arca Swiss Rm3 dI - Rodenstock 40mm / Hasselblad H4D60 HCD35mm - HCD 120mm / Hasselblad SWC 38mm Biogon

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